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The Power of Voting

By Jeff Margenau
Published: Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jeff Margenau

It has become increasingly popular to claim that the republicans are the bane of our existence in the United States. Although there is some truth to the sentiment, it's not the entire truth. I wish it were that simple - that if we all just voted for democrats all the time it would solve many if not most of our problems. Unfortunately this is a ruse designed to confuse. Such an over-simplification of our complicated problems is part of a very successful strategy of subterfuge that has been played out on Americans since the advent of corrupted mass communication. Few realize that the necessary conclusion to our continued existence as a species on this planet pivots on our ability to care for the species as a whole and to live within the laws of nature. The truth is: democrats and republicans are pretty much the same - bowing to corporate interests before the planet and it's people.

Democrats and republicans do have their differences though. The old adage (paraphrased) rings true: The difference between democrats and republicans is that while they both steal your money, the republicans are more honest about it. Republicans are well practiced at the art of serving the thirsty person sand and expecting gratitude in return (and usually getting it). Another difference between the democrats and republicans is that there was a time in which democrats tried to create real change for the country - a time when basic purposes prevailed - but it took the great depression to make that happen and it was soon washed away by war profiteering and other forms of economic exploitation inflicted throughout the world by US Bankers.

We have a broken system of government filled with corrupt officials, a corrupt media, and a dressed up economic system. Capitalism creates a race to the bottom for the benefit of a few. As of this writing, the top 1% owns more than the bottom 90% combined. This hardly constitutes a worthwhile "pursuit of happiness" for the majority. In unrestrained capitalism, money pools towards the top such that a few elite families rule the world without ever earning that right - in fact, they are born into it. That is the reason this country was founded - to escape the tyrannic rule of kings and queens. We have come full circle, but on a higher plane. Now a few families rule the entire planet - controlling the flow of commodities the masses think they need to survive. Ironnically, in the long run they do the opposite. Due to the successful marketing of capitalism through an increasingly corrupt media, we have many defenders of capitalism, yet few truly understand the principles and ramifications of capitalism. It's ironic that the unknown truth in this country is that the people with the highest standard of living and the highest level of happiness in the world live in socialialized countries. And yet any talk approaching socialism in this country is denied. Why is that? Is it because socialism is a terrible form of government? No. It's because the elite families that rule this world do not want to lose their unprecedented level of power.

Our system of government was developed over 200 years ago before the advent of mass communication - ergo a representative government was necessary. It is now not only unnecessary, but it is also simply impossible for a representative to represent hundreds of thousands of distinct viewpoints on very complicated issues - especially when those issues are wrapped up inside of bills that cover literally hundreds of separate topics. Even congressional representatives openly admit they do not read the bills they sign. In fact it is by design that the bills signed into law are impossible to read - let alone thoughtfully consider - in the time allotted.

After many years of study, our collective future will be determined by our collective "reason to be". As long as the answer to that question is centered on the acquisition of more money and/or things, we will not be on the path towards long term survival. What we have done to the water, land, and air in the name of profit is literally sickening.

Money is helpful for trade, but its acquisition should not be our reason for existing. Money is a tool, but we should not serve under it. In our brief history, the corruption of our minds and souls through the social power structures of the times has led us to a place where we are so mislead that many now thoroughly believe our quality of life is an economic measure of our wealth and possessions.

But our purpose is greater than money and possessions. Our purpose is to survive and coexist within nature and to maximize our "natural" quality of life. Although I believe that in time we can and will improve our socio-political infrastructure, I think it's equally ironic that many will see this purpose as demeaning, unfulfilling, and unsatisfactory. However, unless we can achieve this simple goal, our species long term survival is dubious.

It's time for a new form of government in which we clearly recognize the existential purpose in life rather than the truly demeaning purpose of maximizing the profits of the few.

It's time for a new form of government which demands a greater commitment from its citizens.

It's time for a new form of government that serves the interests of the people as opposed to the corporate pollutants.

It's time for a new form of government in which being a high government official is a working job that is earned and not sought after or purchased.

It's time for a new form of government with a renewed acclamation of it's separation from organized religion.

It's time for a new form of government which respects the laws of nature above all else.

And finally it's time for a new model of human existence in which we are not separate and at war with nature, but rather an inconspicuous and integral part of it.

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Jeff Margenau
Jeff Margenau

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